About Our Institution

Baskan helps you show professionalism and save fire loss. Fire safety is crucial for homes, companies, and possessions. Baskan’s safety experts strive to make clients feel protected. Baskan uses specialists to develop their safety measures so customers may relax.

Baskan has made it 6 years of training and perfecting methods that ensure proper learning and application of techniques regarding fire protection. Baskan strives to verify that only perfect techniques are taught to trainees to aid fire protection career paths. As a result, the best students leave Baskan after gaining an education from trainers with astounding expertise.

Therefore, if looking to train avidly in the world of fire protection, look no further. Baskan is just the place for you.

CEO & Founder

Baskan, founded in 2018 by CEO Sameer(CFPS, CHRS, CFI-I), aims to lead the fire protection industry with highly qualified people. Baskan also offers remarkable certificates for young professionals. Certifications help understand fire protection. We offer NFPA prep materials. Customized courses are available for levels 1 through 4. These courses teach fire defence and its demands.
Fire safety requires numerous qualifications and courses. Baskan courses promote candidates’ quick decision-making. Situations require quick thinking and good decision-making. Baskan teaches pupils to react appropriately to challenging situations.

Commitment to Protection

he foundation of Baskan lies in safety. We commit to the protection of people around us, giving them a sense of security.

Keeping up with Technology

We continuously strive to achieve innovation to improve our knowledge and expertise to gain excellence through digital learning and e-learning platforms.

Customer Satisfaction

The provision of exceptional customer service is one of our priorities. We ensure high standards of performance and technical solutions for our valued customers

High Standards

Enhancement is our middle name. Our goal is to increase knowledge making it available to many people as possible. We provide everyone with skills necessary that in our short process that are of benefit to them in the long run.

Integrity and Honour

Leading is something vital to us. We lead in a manner that makes it easier for others to follow through our proper guidance.

Benefitting from Experience

We breathe quality. We aim to ensure a quality environment which proves beneficial for everyone. We never compromise on quality.